How resilient are you?

This questionnaire from Cigna measures your personal resilience


When faced with adversity, resilience is your ability to use your personal skills and the resources around you to overcome the challenges you’re up against.

In August 2020, Cigna surveyed 5,000 children ages 5-17 and their parents, 1,500 young adults ages 18-23 and 5,000 U.S. working-aged adults as part of its Cigna Resilience Index which found resilience is at risk for approximately 60 percent of Americans. The research reveals a close link between resilience and mental and physical health, feelings of self-worth and self-esteem, and academic and professional achievement, demonstrating the need for children and adults alike to build greater resilience today.


Take the Questionnaire


Questionnaire Instructions: Take this questionnaire to identify how resilient you are today and simple steps you can take to help build your resilience skillset. When answering these questions, think about how each item generally applies to you.